The walking tour of the Strand includes a laminated brochure to direct you along the path. You can pick up this educational guide at any of the trail's access points: Fischer Pond, Kelly's Whitewater Park, Pine Street, and/or the Sawyer Street trail head. The tour also features Advice from a River, the art and poetry sections of The Strand. Ilan Shamir, artist and poet, has graciously allowed us to use his works to enhance your journey along the trail.

Ilan Shamir is a renouned writer, artist, and imaginer. Many thanks go out to Ilan for his unique contributions to The Strand. Ilan eloquently states,

The beauty and power of the river invites us to come

closer and be a part of nature and more deeply discover

and celebrate our own true nature. As you walk this

special trail, slow down, sit awhile, and take time to see

how it speaks to you and what it has to teach. Look at

its splashes, its color, and trace its source and

tributaries. Feel its flow and think of how your life flows;

delight in life's adventures around every bend and

remember as the river reminds us...the beauty is in the


To learn more about Ilan Shamir or to view his paintings, drawings, and writings visit

Walking Tour of The Strand

Come and discover our 2.5 mile trail along the river!